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Stoneware mug with glaze & round pattern. Pattern may very slightly from photo
Love this little tent wall hanging. Great for little ones with sense for adventure!
The cutest reminder for your little one to be brave and face their fears, even if that just means turning the nightlight off for a few minutes!
Large wood chain links. A great piece on top of books, or by itself.
We love this 20x20 black and white floral pillow. Give a pop of pattern while sticking to a minimal color scheme. A great choice to liven up you living room.
Minimal, but still fun. This dotted pillow adds a small pattern & some fun tassels! 20x20
This large black taper candle holder is a perfect addition to any mantle or tablescape.
These vintage style scissors are a perfect gift! So beautiful and a great present for Hairstylists.
For the dishes with hard to reach places, this brush is perfect. Putting an angled brush with a nine inch handle means your cleaning problems are solved. Made of first class beech wood and a leather strap.
This stainless steel scoop with a copper finish is absolutely beautiful. We love a product that has beauty and function, and this scoop is no exception!

Keep your kitchen tidy with these beautiful wooden crocks in varying sizes. Made from acacia wood with a natural finish these crocks are the perfect place to store kitchen spatulas and spoons to keep tidy in the kitchen. Pair with our enamel tasting spoons for an elevated bohemian look that makes tasting dishes a more delightful experience

Perfect for creating your own displays and decorations or to be used in a functional manner for picks and charcuterie forks. This vessel would pair nicely with fake flowers for a timeless design and you can easily change the contents to update the décor as frequently as you'd like.
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