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This beautiful embroidered pillow would look great on your chair, couch or bed! With such colorful embroidery it is sure to go with so many different rooms & color schemes.

this 20in cream pillow with tan butterflies will add a touch of whimsical magic to your couch or bed. We love how it remains neutral but adds dimension and fun.


We love this neutral 20x20 pillow! The jute pattern brings life & interest to what could easily just be a plain pillow.

We love this woven rug that plays with neutrals while adding in a tasteful pop of color. Roughly 20x30.
A beautiful 20x20 patterned pillow. Grab this pillow to add a bit of dimension to your throw pillows. While the pattern is intricate, the muted colors allow it still feel subtle.
Minimal, but still fun. This dotted pillow adds a small pattern & some fun tassels! 20x20
We love this 20x20 black and white floral pillow. Give a pop of pattern while sticking to a minimal color scheme. A great choice to liven up you living room.
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