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Crafted from sustainable cellulose material, this clip showcases a unique mushroom design that adds touch of nature-inspired charm to your hairstyle. Made from cellulose acetate, this clip will be flexible and will not be brittle & snap. 2"w, 2"L

See more Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit (Contents displayed in front of box) Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit (Contents displayed in front of box) Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit (Front of packaging) Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit (Back of packaging) The sky’s definitely not the limit when it comes to the Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit. This out-of-this-world kit contains more than 225 pieces that kids can use to craft anything they can imagine, including planets and fun alien creatures. It's perfect for a rainy day or playdate and makes a great gift. Suitable for ages six and up. The Kid Made Modern Cosmic Craft Kit includes: 2 Plastic hemispheres 30 Pom poms 54 Sequins 28 Pipe cleaners 28 Plastic beads 6 Starburst beads 16 Googly eyes 2 Metal springs 5 Wooden discs 6 Notched craft sticks 8 Sparkly paper straws 1 Metallic cord 40 Glue dots

Imagine how cute your little one would look in these bear shoes?! we almost can't contain ourselves we love them so much! A great color that pairs well with any outfit!


This gray ruffled jacket would look incredibly adorable on your little! Mix and match it with any colors or outfits and it will be an overload of cuteness! 


We love this floral top! With an adorable pattern, this top is sure to look adorable on your little one. Perfect for Sundays, family photos, school photos or when you want to dress up!


This dark brown 2-piece set is an adorable addition to your little's closet! If you are every needing to reach for an easy outfit, this is it! Grab it for a day out, family photos, or just to make your little feel special.


The cutest little button down for you little babe. This romper will blend well with anything. You can dress it up for pictures, or throw it on your little for a quick trip. 


A lightweight dress, perfect for layering when it is cold, or running around in the warm weather. Dark to hide stains, and comfy for any activity!

We think these earrings are a perfect choice for a little one who loves all things fantasy! Anyone sporting these earrings is sure to only ever have a happily ever after.
These small mermaid earrings are adorable! A perfect gift for a little one who can't get enough of all things ocean life.
We love these woodland themed earrings! Add them to any nature inspired look or just a normal outfit to give it a little extra fun.
These little earrings are so cute! We think it could only improve any cute look!
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