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This tan gingham dress is the perfect summer outfit! With its comfortable fit and fun cut, you are sure to be able to get a ton of use out of this piece! Kalee is wearing a size small.
Now you don't have to get off the couch to get that ugly lighter from the drawer. You don't even have to go to a different website to make sure your Paddywax candles stay lit. This luxe glass bottle is full of 75 wooden matches and features a strike strip on the back where you can light your match!

These fun fruit themed clips are a perfect accessory for summer!

A gold effect penknife for getting out of fishy situations! Makes for a great gift or stocking stuffer!
This stainless steel straw set contains 8 different straws with varying length, size and shape as well as two straw cleaners!
What a perfect little travel poker set! It contains 52 waterproof cards, 120 metal bottle cap shaped poker ships and instructions for Texas Hold'em Poker
This campfire games pack has 52 playing cards, 6 dice and 3 dice game instructions, score pad and pencil. The perfect little grab and go fun pack, or small enough to leave in your camper all the time!
These gorgeous cards are waterproof, fun to play with and provide you with fun cocktail trivia! This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer!
This pocket sized multi tool is a great gift for Dad! The tool includes pliers, knife, file, flathead screwdriver, phillips screwdriver. The tool is a gray metal.
These waterproof cards are a perfect choice for the beer drinker in your household! With trivia on non-face cards, not only can you learn, but you can have fun!
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