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this gorgeous 62oz pitcher will be a shelf staple in your home. Use it for drinks, a vase, or just something stunning on your shelf. Multipurposeful & stunning.
This gold frame with distressing would look so good displayed in your home. This frame is so beautiful and unique, it will quickly become a favorite in your home. Each frame may vary slightly.
This neutral garland will add a layer of depth & dimension to any display. Wrap it up in a bowl, drape it across a mantel, or blend it onto a shelf. There are so many possibilites!
We love this pink glass candle! It is so subtle but still a great pop of pink for your display
This beautiful 9oz coupe glass is the perfect addition to take your dinner parties up to the next level. Holding 9oz, it is perfect for cocktails or mocktails!
Crown yourself with our A Night's Tale Woodland Headband in Midnight Black, an exquisite accessory featuring our A Night's Tale print. The deep midnight shade mirrors the mysteries of the night, making it an ideal companion to keep hair at bay during your winter adventures.

Embrace your inner princess with our Bow & Scrunchie Set, a delightful duo featuring a scrunchie and bow adorned with A Night's Tale print in Dusky Pink. The dusky rose shade brings an ethereal beauty to your hair accessories. Whether accentuating a loose braid or enhancing a half-up hairstyle, let this headband be your companion in weaving your own magical Night's Tale.


Curiosities abound in this academia-inspired illustration. These curio cabinets and carved shelves set against dark damask wallpaper highlight paintings in ornate frames, cloches, skeleton keys, and other hidden treasures. Who is the inquisitive human that has read the volumes of display books, collected oddities from afar, and made purchases from flea markets? Illustrated by the Russian artist Vasilisa Romanenko.

  • PIECE COUNT: 1000
  • Includes color insert Puzzle size is 23 x 23 inches when finished.
  • A HIGH-QUALITY jigsaw puzzle for adults and families, with glossy, sturdy pieces and minimal puzzle dust.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: 90% recycled materials, printed with vegetable-based inks.


Beautiful, vibrant illustration of Alexander Calder Sculpture "La Grande Vitesse" by Michigan-based artist Greg Wagner. The sculpture was installed in downtown Grand Rapids in 1969 and has come to symbolize the city's creative spirit. Contains 8 notecards with 8 envelopes – 8 each of 1 design. Printed on 100lb. matte cover paper in full color. Blank inside.
You don't want this sticker? Ew.. We think this is simply the best and we knew you would too.

An ode to all things natural and true, Algonquin is a deep taupe that has an incredible tendency of taking on different tones depending on the light source in the room. Pair with Bayberry for an earthy, lush look. Pair with Cathedral Taupe for a tone-on-tone romantic feel.


Base : waterbased
Coverage : approx 75 sqft per 500 mL
Finish/sheen : matte

Clean up : water
Dry time : 30 min approx
Recoat time : 1-2 hours approx
Cure time : 21 days approx


Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

This edition contains Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking Glass. It is illustrated throughout by Sir John Tenniel, whose drawings for the books add so much to the enjoyment of them. Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit all make their appearances, and are now familiar figures in writing, conversation and idiom. So too are Carroll's delightful verses such as The Walrus and the Carpenter and the inspired jargon of that masterly Wordsworthian parody, The Jabberwocky.

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